Gold for the ‚Best Bumpers‘ at Eyes and Ears of Europe.

The Eyes & Ears jury says: „Bumpers designed to be fun!! The in itself simple idea of dancing people is charmingly realised by SRF zwei. In combination with the catchy tunes, the great cast is infectous and immediately creates positiv emotions. Fresh and courageous. You can look forward to these great bumbers!“

Check out the bumpers HERE

Soundtrack for the Virtual Reality Erlebnis PARADISE LOST

PARADISE LOST by Birdly was awarded with „Best Animated Educational VR Project“ at CES 2020 Las Vegas!! Find the trailer, studio impressions and infos about the interesting project HERE


LATE SHIFT has won the prestigious BAFTA Award, was one of the „Best Apps of the Year 2016“ on Apple TV and the Sunday Times wrote „Late Shift feels like the most important film of the year“.

Find the trailer, studio impressions and infos about the awesome project HERE.

Award for „Audio Design“ Eyes & Ears of Europe 2017

The Music for „Blackout“ has received silver in the category „Best design-related audio design“at the Eyes & Ears of Europe in Munich! (right behind a certain Hans Zimmer) Hear the soundtrack and the opener HERE.

Soundtrack for the succeful series WILDER


In January 2022 the succesful tv series WILDER had its last, fourth season. Find a compilation of soundtracks scences by Cyril Boehler on the WILDER Soundtrack Reel .