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Hybrid Organics (expanded) Tracklist:

  1. Fathorn (C. Boehler), alpine horn by Robert Morgenthaler
  2. Private Sky (C. Boehler)
  3. Red Rover (rework) (C. Boehler) flute by Roman Glaser
  4. Blood of trust (P.Penicka/C.Boehler), vocals and lyrics by Pete Penicka
  5. Weirdo (C. Boehler) vocals by Pete Penicka, lyrics cb
  6. Escapism (S.White/C.Boehler) vocals and lyrics by Shoany White, SFX scratches by CrazeeBo, accoustic bass by Fabian Gisler
  7. Nocturne (rework) (C. Boehler) accoustic bass by Derek Nievergelt, trumpet by Kurt Söldi
  8. Aruban Ghost (V.Bächi/C. Boehler) wurlitzer by Valentin Bächi, accoustic bass by Fabian Gisler
  9. Harvest (C. Boehler) trombone by Robert Morgenthaler, vocal sample by Riddimflirt
  10. Woodworm (edit) (C. Boehler) accoustic bass by Derek Nievergelt, greetings by Dario DeNicola
  11. Playin‘ Cool (N. Canzoniere/C. Boehler) accoustic bass by Derek Nievergelt, beat and sax metamorphs by Nico Canzoniere.
  12. Fathorn (Raw Deal’s Freedom Time Rmx)
  13. Weirdo (Beanfield Remix)
  14. In Return vocals by Ndidi Amaka Iweanya
  15. In Return (Sequel Remix)
  16. Fathorn (Raw Deal Remix Part 1)

All tracks produced, programmend, recorded and mixed by Cyril Boehler

Acoustic bass recording on tracks 7, 10 & 11 by Patrick Böhler
Mastered by Dan Suter
Artwork by Donovan Gregory

Special thanks for the help on the re-release: Ryu for the photoshop-skills, Yannick Schacke for the mastering help.

Love to Béa, Ryu, Family + Friends, thanks to all involved: the musicians, singers and technicians on “Hybrid Organics“, Adrian Frutiger@Kontraproduktion, Alex Dallas, the Straight Ahead crew,, Nico, Dario + Vinnie Freeform, Werner Lüdi (in memorian), Jurzcok 1001, Sarna, Roman Bruderer, Ramon Orza@ganzerplatz, Anna Luif, Donovan Gregory. Thanks to all the artists, producers and (film-)makers who I have worked with: your input and support will always be with me. Financial support: Popkredit Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Stiftung Erna und Curt Burgauer, GBP. Thanks to the club and radio DJ’s who play these tracks, all the promoters, organizers, labels, shops and journalists who have helped to get Tweak noticed. And last but not least you! Turn it up loud!!

Released on Straight Ahead Recordings 23.10.2001
Re-release on Immersive Music 1.12. 2017

Tweak Discography

Hybrid Organics Album CD/DLP
Woodworm EP 12″ feat. Ndidi Amaka
Fathorn EP 12″ feat. Robert Morgenthaler
Fathorn/Weirdo Remixes 12″ the Beanfield and Raw Deal Remixes, 12″
Leroy Tweak vs. Tony Allen, Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Comet ) CD/12″
Generations – Tweak presents Sharron Harris  (Head to toe)

Remixes by Tweak:

Runaway – Tweak’s Drk Sl Rmx for Minus 8 feat. Billie (Compost)
Relextra – Tweak Remix for Bligg (Universal), CD/12″
Trains and Plains – Tweak Remix for Universal Funk (April Rec.)
Les Filles Du Limmatquai – Tweak Remix for Stephan Eicher (Poor Records)
Outernational Anthem – Tweak Remix for Biggabush (Stereo Deluxe)

Tweak tracks can also be found on many compilations like „Bloc Party Tapes“ mixed by Kele, „Science Fiction Jazz 5+6“, compiled by Minus 8 (Jaboo), „One Step Ahead 1 + 2“ compiled by Alex Dallas , „Playground 5“ compiled by Eddy & Dus and many more.