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Cyril Boehler is a renowned Swiss composer for visual media and a specialist in audio branding for an impressive list of clients. His constant quest for musical adventure leads him to creative collaborations with musicians, singers, producers and directors from various genres across the musical spectrum.

As the son of a film producer, Cyril already had the opportunity to score films when he was a teenager while he was playing drums in punk bands. He then went on to get a diploma in film scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston and was fortunate to receive support and musical advice from Ennio Morricone and Patrick Doyle.

These days he is responsible for music and audio brands for numerous award-winning commercials and television programs. As a film composer and music producer he has scored many feature, documentary and television films like “Tatort,” “Wilder” and BAFTA Winner “Late Shift.”

In addition to his work for visual media, Cyril is well known as a musician for his work in electronic music. He first appeared and recorded under the name Tweak and then later as Zwicker. In the 2000s, Zwicker entertained crowds in clubs all over the world. His releases have received generous praise and consistent airplay in a number of countries, like his work with Afro Drummer Tony Allen or with Heidi Happy on Compost records.

Cyril’s musical prowess lies in both the elegance and power of his compositions. Haunting melodies and intriguing chord changes are crucial to Cyril, as well as the driving rhythmic patterns and detailed sound design that are the trademarks of his sound.

Boehler’s music projects come to life at his Inspirator Productions Studio in Zürich, Switzerland. From the meticulous conception phase of the recording to composing, sound design, recording, mixing and mastering, Boehler and his team offer all conceivable services in the field of music. On every project they tackle, they are laser focused on creating high quality, perfectly balanced and touching music.

Cyril says: „Music is a deep and a very emotional art form. It enters the unconscious at the blink of an eye and, if it is well done, remains there forever.”

Cyril lives with his partner and their son in Zurich, Switzerland.

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